Madame Diva

Madame Diva, personified by Jocelyne Baribeau, is a recipient of the prestigious Parents’ Choice Award in the United States. Since creating Madame Diva in 2009, Jocelyne Baribeau has received a number of award nominations including the Western Canadian Music Awards, the Gala des prix Trille Or, as well as the Canadian Folk Music Awards. As Madame Diva, she has travelled across the country entertaining crowds in Whitehorse, at the Just For Laughs Festival in Montreal (Quebec), at the Festival Franco-Fun in New Liskeard (Ontario), at the Festival d’été francophone in Vancouver (British Columbia) and at the Winnipeg Folk Festival in her home province (Manitoba).

Micah the young voyageur

Micah, is a songwriter, actor and dancer. The song Je t’aime, presented as part of the Zing-E-Zing show and which talks about the love between a mother and son despite the distance that may separate them, is one of his original compositions. Though still a novice on the music scene, his poise and talent have gained him an immediate following by the young public and their parents.


What Are People Saying About Madame Diva?

“Madame Diva is visibly an experienced artist that knows how to write for a young audience, knows how to captivate the attention of little ones as well as the older ones that accompany the children, using rich, decorated content that is also educational and playful. ” -Pierre Rivard, Centre culturel francophone de Vancouver

“Jocelyne Baribeau exhibits the rare genius that instinctively creates a world adults rarely enter but children know by heart.” -Heather Bishop, Ordre du Canada

“Without a doubt, my grandchildren were charmed by the catchy melodies and themed imagery of Madame Diva’s songs. They are often asking to replay her CD, and to sing along with her to relive the magic of her show.” -Gérard Jean (ZIZ)