Shows are a great occasion for Madame Diva to make new friends, and boy oh boy, is she ever eager to meet you!

Along with costumes, accessories and puppets, the eccentric and charismatic Madame Diva offers a series of shows that are sure to wow. Discover Madame Diva in all her glamour as she sings and animates through various themes, all the while entertaining and educating.

Madame Diva – Live!

A delicious mixture of all of Madame Diva’s top hits! See the diva accompanied by her live band, a perfect recipe for fun that will please all of your senses. Described as having a stunning stage presence, this show is sure to impress!

Viva la diva

Madame Diva and her crew of puppets welcome you into a strange world of wonderful colours promising a effervescent experience. On the wings of beautiful melodies, with joy and energy, Madame Diva will guide you on an adventure that will take you all over the globe in discovery of nature and its inhabitants. Get ready for fun and learning!

Madame Diva chante Noël

Madame Diva performs a repertoire of your favourite traditional Christmas songs, and a few new favourites, perhaps? This magical and touching show presents Madame Diva in a softer light, as she reminds her public of the importance of staying true to one’s convictions. Also meet during this educational and amusing show a different yet perpetually smiling snowman, a camel, musician elves, and none other than Mamzelle Diva.

An educational tool is available for this show.


If the house is a rockin’, please come a knockin’! Madame Diva invites you to come sing along, and to tap your feet and your hands to the festive melodies of the fiddle. Listen to charming and playful stories of the voyageur era. Meet Perseverance, the tenacious little turtle, all the while singing songs from yesteryear. Accompanied by Micah the young voyageur, Madame Diva will take you into a world of birch bark canoes, paddles, hairy adventures and of course laughter!

An educational tool designed specifically for Francophone children from Canada, particularly those living in a linguistic minority community, is also available for this show.

No shows booked at the moment.