Learn with Madame Diva! Explore nature, emotions and body movements as part of these educational workshops.

Audience: The workshops can be adjusted to fit varying age groups from preschool to grade 6.

Little Earthworm

Little earthworm, what do you see? A spring vocabulary lesson, of course! Madame Diva introduces you to an earthworm that wakes from his slumber and discovers that Spring has sprung. Create verses for a quirky song and, through movement, become a giant earthworm, yourself. Suggestions for fun activities will complete this Spring workshop.

Number of participants: Maximum 30

Duration: 1 hour

How Do You Feel About Puppets?

Puppets to talk about feelings? You bet! Madame Diva specializes in workshops for creating sock puppets. Find out about all the different styles of puppets and the emotions that they can express. Time permitting, write a scenario and present it to a crowd of spectators.

Number of participants: Maximum 30

Duration: 2 hours (including recess)

Look, I’m A Puppeteer!

Madame Diva’s suitcases are filled to the brim with puppets, all of which are crafted by hand and with care. Discover all these lovely puppets during this short 20-minute workshop! Learn about the work behind being a puppeteer, enjoy creating voices for different characters and making the puppets come to life.

Number of participants: Maximum 30

Duration: 20 minutes


Explore rhythm and movement through dance with Madame Diva’s Zing-E-Zing workshop! From French-Canadian gig to an enthusiastic version of heel-and-toe (in partners), cut a rug to the upbeat tempo of traditional music. Let’s not forget the joy of learning to play the spoons!

Bonus: participate in the Zing-E-Zing show with Madame Diva! Take your place on stage as Madame Diva gives you the opportunity to put you newly acquired skills to work.

Number of participants: Maximum 30

Duration: 1 hour